Kira Alekseevna Molchanova

President of Estonian Roerich Society Estonia, Tallinn

The Essence of the Banner of Peace

Enthusiastic response came in from all parts of the world when the world due to the renowned artist and philosopher Prof. Nicholas Roerich conceived the great salutary idea of the protection of cultural treasures. The document was named The Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace.

This Banner, similarly to the flag of the Red Cross is intended to protect all centres of art and science, religious monuments and all the world’s cultural values. Prof. N. Roerich states:

"What the Red Cross flag is for the preservation of physical health, our Banner of Peace is as the protector of the spiritual health of humanity"!

The Banner as such represents three spheres within a circle, in amaranth color, on a white back-ground. The spheres mean the past, present and future achievements of humanity surrounded by the circle of the Infinite. This is the sign of Culture. Quite a new affirmation is introduced into life of humanity to walk the higher path with this Sign of Culture on the Banner of Peace.

The Banner of Peace is dedicated to the protection of all true treasures by which the human race evolves. But this is also the sacred symbol of peace which reminds humanity of its evolutionary destiny, through the evolution of the innermost being with Love, Beauty and Knowledge. Thus the Banner is a universal epoch-making sign of Culture.

Roerich has proclaimed "Pax per Cultura" - Peace through Culture, as real peace is there, where is true culture – the Cult of Light. There is but one Light of Fire in the entire world, the all-pervading Fire. And the Light is within ourselves too and we open up the way to it with noble virtues. These are Self-sacrifice, Friendship, Service, Honor, Vigil, Courage and joyful Labour, the foundations of progress, the general betterment of life.

One should know how to apply these qualities in the most dissimilar and contrasting circumstances. One has to prove himself among precisely such conditions as, through changing habits, he does not like. One has to cultivate appreciation for all beauties.

We can find a true co-operation through the beneficial synthesis of its great cornerstones – color, sound and fragrance the greatest concepts of our existence. In the creativeness we shall overcome the most hideous habits and become enlightened. We will understand the true meaning of Guru Ship if we think of color and sound, culture and harmony, and we will understand the infinite Hierarchy of Beauty and Knowledge.

Prof. N. Roerich, the Master, created a movement upon the face of the earth which would counteract the destructive activities of the forces of darkness. This movement which is based upon constructive co-operation and better understanding amongst nations is taking deep roots in the hearts of men.

Roerich brought to mankind the realization of a new consciousness, which will help men to face the thunder and lightning of the Era to come with a smile. The transformation of the world has already begun and the ideas of the Master lead mankind towards the transfiguration of our soles.

Only by making our own lives more beautiful through overcoming the obstacles, through sacrificing the petty selfishness can we understand and obtain the real Culture, the inner culture, the culture of spirit. True culture is character. Thus culture can help us realize perfection in our daily lives.

Culture is a spiritual uplifting force that teaches us to live with widened inner sense. In no other way but in the humble way of self education is it possible to change our characters from the ordinary to the Beautiful.

First of all we have to guard our hearts that means not to become irritated, not to get angry, not feel sad and do not fall into despondency. These are the fundamental questions of life.

What does humanity can expect our destructive behavior? We can expect sicknesses, poverty, wars, revolts, heresy, treason, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, fires and changes of climate. It must not be forgotten that the energy radiated by humanity is necessary for the proper motion of the Planet. Thus we ourselves are masters of our own destiny.

And if our hearts resound to the anguish of the World it means that we have the feeling of great responsibility for the Planet in the times of danger and threatened catastrophe. So we all must strive for constructive good as our inner laboratory has a cosmic significance.

We all must become better and strive for the fires of Light then the human treasures will be protected too. Thus a world scale has to be applied in everyday life. We can perceive the regeneration of the planet only by way of culture, I repeat, the culture of heart, the culture of spirit, the inner culture of a man.

Each hour of earthly life must be filled with striving of spirit, in order to conform, though relatively, to infinity. We are called into this world to labour, to admire and to follow leading summits in continuous creation. Such is the part of true reality. We are gathered here not for mutual annihilation but to do that for which we all exist upon the earth – self-improvement with all the patience of compassion and love to our neighbors.

It is time to understand the responsibility and the privilege afforded by earthly incarnations.

Thus let us cultivate in our hearts the deep love of Beauty and strive to lift our thoughts to the magnificence of inner Light. Let us affirm true culture, the inner culture that is symbolized by the Banner of Peace with the sign of the Culture on it.

I thank you very much for your attention! You were listening to the address from the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn.

In addition there are certain details to your notice.

I was introduced to Dr. Svetoslav Roerich and his wife Devika Rani, the great Indian film star, during their first visit to the Soviet Union in 1960. And since then Devika Rani kept up friendly relations with me till her dying day. Just Devika Rani advised me to make shorthand notes at the lectures of the Great Man and great citizen of India Dr. Svetoslav Roerich who was decorated with Padma Bhushan, the High Government award.


•  The Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace as a Remarkable Phenomenon of the World Culture
Reports and Speeches at the International Social and Scientific Conference.
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