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Under the auspices of: The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India

Culture and Peace as the Sacred Stronghold of the Mankind

The 8-th International Scientific-social Forum Materials
Dedicated to the 75-th Anniversary of the Pact of Culture, the Roerich Pact

Delhi – Kullu – Shimla – Kalimpong
October 22– November 5 2010


The Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace as a Remarkable Phenomenon of the World Culture

Reports and Speeches at the International Social
and Scientific Conference







Culture and Peace as the Sacred Stronghold. Reports and Speeches at the International Social and Scientific Conference



1. The Roerich Pact in the context of historical and philosophical knowledge

•  Lokesh Chandra. Pax Cultura of Nicholas Roerich

•  Nella Germanova. Roerich Pact as the First International Treaty on Protection of Culture: History and Modern Times

•  Оlga Urozhenko. The Pact of Cultural Values Preservation / the Roerich Pact as Expression of Philosophy of Cosmic Reality

•  Kira Molchanova. The Essence of the Banner of Peace

•  Larisa Voronova. The Roerich Pact in the activity of the International Center of Roerichs

•  Mikhail Chiriatev. Scientific Researches of the Roerichs in India

•  Alla Weit. The 75th Anniversary of the Roerich Pact

•  Elena Kulakova. The Image of Nicholas Roerich as the Culture Leader in Svetoslav Roerich’s Creative Work

•  Vladimir Drozdov. Dedicated to the Anniversary of the Roerich Pact

•  Liubov Khomenok. The Ideas of the Roerich Pact in the Cultural Space of the Russian Regions

2. The Roerich Pact as a Symbol of the Universal Principle of Inter-reflection of World Cultures

•  Igor Zakharenko. Global Knowledge of Culture

•  Andrey Ivanov. The Idea of "Total Unity" in the Russian and Indian Philosophy of the Late 19th Century

•  Valentina Voropayevа. «History of Central Asia» by Yuri Roerich – Feat in Protection of Culture of the People of the East

•  Elena Troyanova. To the Heart of Asia: Central Asian Expedition of N.K. Roerich

•  Dzhirgal Kutmanalieva. India in the works of Chingiz Aitmatov

•  Olga Chaplyts. Contribution of the USSR Interkosmos Program to Promotion of Cooperation with India

•  Natalia Belchenko. The Guru Shri Surendranath Jena Dance School in the Urals

3. The Roerich Pact and Protection of the Human – the Culture Bearer

•  Olga Kalinkina. Culture and Civilization: Problems and Prospects

•  Galina Yakovleva. The Healing Power of Culture

•  Liliya Monasypova. Culture Stands Sentinel over Health of Society

4. The Roerich Pact: Protection of Natural and Cultural Memorials as the Sources of Formation of the Geocultural Space

•  Sergey Trunev. The Prospects of Indo-European Research in the Context of Preservation of Cultural Heritage

•  Valentina Tuguzhekova. The problem of Preserving Historical and Cultural Heritage of Sayano-Altai

•  Indrani Chakravarti. The Concert of Shiva in Himalayan Region with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh

•  Manorma Sharma. Traditional Dance Drama Forms of Indian Himalayas: Textural Cultural and Musical Documentation

•  Victoria Demenova. To the Problem of the Modern Buddhist Art Research: Guarding and Development of Artistic Tradition

Bridge of Fellowship between Russia and India Meetings with active workers of Culture in India

•  Historical Significance of the Roerich Pact. Panel Discussion at Jawaharlal Nehru University India, New-Delhi

•  The Prospects of Cooperation of Indian and Russian Scientists. Panel Discussion at the Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies India, Shimla

•  The Roerichs’ Estate in Crookety: History and Modern Times. Meeting with members of Italian Community “the Living Ethics” in Kalimpong India, Crookety

Kullu as the Magnet for the Future Culture Public Speaking at “the Pedagogical Talks”

•  Children of the World about the World. International Festival of Children’s Creative Initiatives India, Naggar

The Results of the Forum. Published Articles

•  Horizons of Cooperation

Forum Coverage in Shimla Press

•  Articles

Forum Coverage in the Russian Press

•  Elena Kulakova. Forum of Culture in the Land of Gods

•  Liubov Khomenok. Passing by the Way of Blessed Ones

•  Meeting at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India

•  Historical and Spiritual Role of Roerich Pact. Memorandum, adopted by participants of the Eighth International Social and Scientific Forum «Culture and Peace – the Sacred Stronghold of the Mankind» November 05, 2010


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